Alternative Therapy Choices

St. John Neuromuscular Therapy

A St. John Therapist understands how pain originates and is therefore able to locate the sources of pain in the body. Based on extensive studies in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, using precise soft tissue techniques we treat the causes of pain, not just the effects. A Certified Neuromuscular Therapist since 1987, Hanna Franke has extensive experience in the field of pain relief working with the pain mechanisms of ischemia, trigger points, nerve compression, nerve entrapment, impaired biomechanics, and postural distortion. 


Somatic Movement Education

Somatic movement education in the form of Carol Welch's Biosomatics, is a system of floor exercises designed to increase flexibility and range of motion in all joints, to achieve pain free movement and a comfortable at ease body. In regularly offered classes we learn to reawaken awareness of muscle and joint movement and rehabilitate patterns of distortion such as hyperextended back, head forward, rounded shoulders, and the trauma reflex.


Orthotics Custom made and Prefabs

Hanna Franke is offering a variety of custom made orthoses. The top of the line are the very thin but durable graphite models for every shoe, or the durable but flexible sports orthotics, dress shoe models fitting a narrow shoe, or pelite crepe models for sensitive feet. She learned how to imprint a mold and what to look for to make a good orthotic 20 years ago from Dr. Len Horwitz, with Ortho-Rite Lab.
Through choosing the right orthoti , Hanna has been very successful in relieving foot pain and plantar fasciitis.


Isagenix Nutritional Supplaments 

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Bach Flower Essences and Bach Typology

A Bach Flower session is a journey within to develop self-awareness. Dr. Edward Bach's Questionnaire and Typology allows us together to identify negative thought patterns, moods, and habits that may lead to tension and stress that can influence and perpetuate pain.



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In the last twenty years MassageTherapy gained much recognition as a choice for stress relief when you are run down, fatigued or under pressure. There is nothing more immediate and satisfying than to lie down on the massage table and let someoneʼs skilled hands sink into your tight and strung-out muscles. Hanna Franke and her associates have been offering Massage Therapy at theNeuromuscular Pain Clinic since over 25 years.