Marianne Gernetzke

She is the real deal! I am now without chronic pain, I can sleep at night without pain meds and I have energy.”
– Marianne Gernetzke





Connie, a 61 year old female patient of Hanna Franke reported: "After 40 years of continued pain from migraines, neck pain, back surgery, fatigue and fibromyalgia caused by an accident at age 18, I am out of pain since Hanna corrected my misaligned body and my old untreated injury".





The Neuromuscular Pain Clinic is involved in ongoing Clinical Reasearch in Alternative Therapies.

Here are a sample of some of the research findings:


Contribution to Wisconsin Woman Article on Fibromyalgia by Hanna Franke

Hanna Franke, a Wisconsin Certified Massage Therapist (WCMT) and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT), is owner of the Alternative Pain Clinic in Madison. Having seen many injuries and pain conditions as a Sports Massage Therapist early in my career, twenty years ago I decided to work exclusively with people in soft tissue pain. I frequently work with the most debilitating pain experienced in migraine headache, TMJ syndrome, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia.



Fibromyalgia is a complex of pain symptoms most often generalized through the entire soft tissue component of the person's body. "Fibro" refers to the fibrous tissues, the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and "myalgia" refers to muscular pain. As I have seen it in my practice, fibromyalgia involves "achy" muscles, stiffness of muscles/tendons/ligaments, and small zones of tenderness called "tender points", all often leading to sleep disturbances, tiredness, fatigue, and indigestion. The muscle groups most frequently involved are in the neck and shoulders and the low back and buttocks, and often down into the thighs and lower legs. All patients say in one way or another, "I just hurt all over".


Neuromuscular Therapy and Fibromyalgia

The soft tissues are known as the tonus system of the body, because in their healthy resting state they are in a slight degree of contraction, or tonus. Working with this tonus system, using our in-depth knowledge of soft tissue anatomy, Neuromuscular Therapists like myself precisely palpate and manipulate the involved hypertonic, painful tissues to release fibrous constrictions and entrapped nerves. This often gives a level of immediate relief in some or all involved muscle groups. Neuromuscular Therapists also search out perpetuating factors to fibromyalgia through the discovery of body asymmetries, like a leg length difference or a smaller pelvic bone. With asymmetries, misalignment in the body is aggravated by the force of gravity, producing more pain. I also work with the precipitating factors that brought on the fibromyalgia: most often a trauma, accident, or serious injury involving the soft tissues that was unsuccessfully treated. Since fibromyalgia is in fact an overload of the nervous system, we dialog with our clients to discover life style behaviors and situations that will reduce neurostimulation in their life. As an alternative practitioner, my fibromyalgia clients are not "patients", they are "active" - actively learning about their condition and involved in their treatment.