Jackie D'Auost

I discovered the Neuromuscular Pain Clinic after years of suffering from Fibromyalgia with continually worsening symptoms and constant searching for a doctor or therapy to provide pain relief.

Due to neuromuscular massage and treatment, I finally found pain relief, feel years younger and have my life back. It's a joy to sleep all night, bounce out of bed in the morning and run down steps again!
– Jackie D’Auost

















Somatic Movement Education

Somatic Movement Education and Biosomatics

Many choices of somatic movement education are available today. For example Pilates, Tai Chi, and Feldenkrais are popular forms. Such movements are non-strenuous exercises designed toincrease flexibility and range of motion in all joints, to achieve pain-free movement, and to experience a comfortable body that moves intelligently. BIOSOMATICS, developed by Carol Welch of Littleton, Colorado, and based on Thomas Hanna's Somatics, is especially effective for
achieving the above objectives. And BIOSOMATICS is unique in that the movements are easily learned in only a few classes, with no long courses of study required.

Benefits of Biosomatics - The Four R's

REAWAKEN awareness of muscle and joint movement. REVERSE sensory-motor amnesia, the memory loss of how muscle groups feel and the ability to control them. REHABILITATE patterns of postural distortion, such as the hyperextended back (lordosis), forward flexion (kyphosis), rounded shoulders, head forward posture, and the trauma reflex (tilted pelvis and
shoulders). RECOVER from chronic pain patterns by learning how the sensory motor system (communication between the brain and body) allows us to unlearn what has been learned and to remember what has been forgotten in the mechanics of easy moving.


By Carol Welch, Hanna's teacher, and one of the few students ever taught by the late Thomas Hanna. Available to help you review the material as home. These videos and CDs by Carol are superbly done and combine movement, science, and philosophy in an easy to learn format.

BIOSOMATICS at the Neuromuscular Pain Clinic

As a Certified Somatic Educator (CSE), Hanna teaches the contents of one BIOSOMATICS CD in four consecutive Tuesday classes. Pick up the BIOSOMATICS Class Sheet for the next upcoming

Location: Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, Room 170, Madison, WI
Time: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:15pm
Clothing: soft, loose clothing to allow for free movement
Matt: provided