Here are the full testimonials from our satisfied patients.

Numbness and pain in arm and hand.

Testimonial from Yvonne W.

For almost three years, I suffered from numbness and pain in my right arm and hand. At times, writing of carrying objects with my right arm was impossible. My arm weakened from lack of exercise since gripping or holding my arm out from my body caused increased numbness. In addition, sitting increased numbness and pain so I could not enjoy many leisure activities or even sit down for a meal with my family without severe discomfort.
I visited half a dozen doctors over the course of many months and endured a variety of tests and manipulations: x-rays, MRIʼs, electrical pulses shot through my nerves,chiropractic treatments, wrist braces and an array of pain medications. In the end each doctor told me that they could not find anything wrong with my arm and that there was nothing they could do for me.They concluded that there was no real problem, despite the fact that I was using oxycontin for severe pain and could not function normally.
Six months ago, I visited Hanna Franke for an evaluation at the recommendation of a friend. After the initial exam and an ex-ray, Hanna concluded that I had a 1/4 difference in leg length and she recommended a shoe lift. I visited her several more times for therapeutic massages which were quite painful in the beginning, but became much less so after the body was balanced with the shoe lift. Two months after my first visit with Hanna, all numbness and pain in my arm were gone. It seems a miracle as I had resigned myself to having life-long discomfort and a reliance on pain medications.
Thank you a thousand times to Hanna for doing what the doctors could not do and healing my arm and numbness so that I can enjoy life fully again.


Neck Pain and Restricted Range of Motion

Testimony by Dr. Robert Cape, MD, Physicians Plus, Verona

Daniel D. has had a diagnosis of severe strain in his neck for approximately a year and one half. He has been off work for many months also.
Three weeks ago, he started going to a new therapist named Hanna Franke who does what she calls Neuromuscular Therapy. Since that time, he has had complete resolution of his symptoms, which is something that has not been able to be accomplished through physical therapy, chiropractic or medical therapy.
He has had three sessions so far. Although I did not refer him for these treatments, I am referring him for maintenance therapy. I would urge that the Workmanʼs Compensation cover the visits that he has had so far as they are the only thing that have really produced any improvement of his condition.


Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction - Walking Difficulty
Testimonial Edward K.

Greetings from Ed K. whose life you have changed from one of pain and depression. Your diagnosis of my curved spine caused from on leg being shorter than the other and your ensuing therapy, has given me a new lease on life.
As I told you, I have had chiropractic treatments numbering in the hundreds for dozens of years... yes, they helped, but only for a short period of time. Your treatments, together with the shoe lift you recommended, have totally, yes totally solved my problems with pain.
Words cannot express my Gratitude and Thanks to you. I send this note with a Loving and Grateful Heart. E.K.


My recovery from fibromyalgia

I discovered Hanna Franke and the Alternative Pain Clinic after years of suffering from fibromyalgia with continually worsening symptoms and constant searching for a doctor or therapy to provide pain relief. Due to her neuromuscular massage and treatment, I finally found pain relief, feel years younger and have my life back. It's a joy to sleep all night, bounce out of bed in the morning and run down steps again!