Pat Hetland

“I had pain in my left upper arm, mid-back, lower back, hips, knees and legs.  My right shoulder was out of kilter.  The collars on my jackets would not lay down and I was continually pulling the jacket to try to make it fit better.  If I tried to iron, I could get two garments done and then, the pain in my back would start, the same pain occurred while trying to use the sewing machine.
To add to these discomforts, I had difficulty walking and would get very tired.  I was using a cane, if I had to stand or walk long distances. I was OK, however, while using grocery carts, which helped with the balance.
 After three appointments, I now can iron and sew without pain, my shoulder doesn't hurt, and my jackets fit me again  I actually can walk a lot better, too!!!
 After several measurements, an X-ray, and adjustments, it was determined that I had a 3/4" differential between my legs, hips, and shoulders.  The adjustment to be made was for 1/2". I ordered lifts put in my shoes and as a result, a feeling of "comfort" occurred!!
Since I have arthritis, it complicates how much can be accomplished, but there is great joy to be able to do normal daily activities and to hear my friends say "You are walking better!" 
 Thank you, Hanna Franke!!
–Pat Hetland




Neuromuscular Therapy


Orthotics Custom made and Prefabs


Hanna Franke is offering a variety of custom made orthoses. The top of the line are the very thin but durable graphite models for every shoe, or the durable but flexible sports orthotics, dress shoe models fitting a narrow shoe, or pelite crepe models for sensitive feet. She learned how to imprint a mold and what to look for to make a good orthotic 20 years ago from Dr. Len Horwitz, with Ortho-Rite Lab.

Through choosing the right orthoti , Hanna has been very successful in relieving foot pain and plantar fasciitis.